Steven Moffat is the head writter and executive producer for Doctor who although he is most famous for reinventing Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes in 2010 along with a great friend Mark Gatiss but he has been writting TV shows for 20 years.

Steven Moffat Wins BAFTA Smith and Cumberbatch08:14

Steven Moffat Wins BAFTA Smith and Cumberbatch

Steven Moffat has been involved in Doctor Who ever since it returned in 2005 with Russel T Davies and Christopher Eccleston. He wrote "The Empty Child" "The Doctor Dances" "The Girl In The Fireplace" "Blink" "Silence in the Libruary" and "Forest of The Dead". After Russell T Davies decided to leave the show, Steven was the obvious replacement for the excellent writter. Steven Moffat wrote 6 episodes of series 5 plus 2 Christmas specials and 5 episodes of series 6 and now he is meanwhile writting Series 7 and another christmas special.

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